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Camellia's Journey

Love is the one that heals us

Love is the one that inspires us with its power

Love is the one that brings peace

Love is the one that renews us

Love is the one that Makes us certain without doubt

Love is the one that harmonizes our differences, and

Love comes only from the heart



Certified Teacher

for School of Remembering®

Intuitive Energy Healer

Reiki Master

Bowen Therapist 

Meditation and Yoga Teacher

Spiritual Wedding Celebrant

Dreaming Heart, Connecting Brain and Heart, Unity Breath Meditation, Beams of Light Activation, Ascension, Psychic abilities, duality consciousness, unity, teacher, ATIH, Illuminated Heart, Peru, Spiritual Awakening

Hello Shining Souls,


What a  great blessing it is to live my soul’s journey! I always knew that something very beautiful and significant will take place in this lifetime and Great Spirit prepared me well for my mission of being a catalyst for the great shift of global Awakening on Earth.


From a small age had a very strong desire to be in service to others. My passionate Soul always wanted to know what the real Truth about Life is. Every turn of the road has brought me insights and precious gifts. In 2002 I went through major sickness and life changes, and it was then, that I fully awoke to the Light I am.  I healed and transformed myself and my life. During that time I learned so much about myself, about principles of energy, intuitive healings, communications with crystals and the Higher Spiritual world. I was deeply called to offer my services to those who were ready for change.


My desire to find the most profound healing technique deepened my Yoga practice and I expanded my gifts for Yoga teaching, Reiki, Dahn Energy Healing and Bowen Therapy. Everything that I needed to know was shown to me – I just followed the guidance. It brought me to sacred places in Korea’s Buddhist Temples, Sedona’s Dhan Healing School and Peru to work with shamans. I was brought to the Mayan pyramids to meet the Serpent of Light of the new Female Cycle of Times in 2012. It was an experience that left deep traces of determination in my being.


Still something was missing – how do we create the New World of Love, Beauty and Harmony? How do we enter into ascension together and create the reality of One United Consciousness? I am deeply grateful that in that time of questioning Great Spirit presented Drunvalo Melchizedek and his teachings! In a brief time, many doors opened and the ‘impossible’ became an easy flow. Becoming a Certified Teacher of The School of Remembering and presenting Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop, fills my heart with so much joy, bliss and deep gratitude! It is a full integration of all my experience and gifts. My dream has become true!


I feel that this work offers a beautiful, profound and yet simple way to truly open the heart and connect with the energy of Ascension. If you’re drawn to such an experience, I welcome you to Ontario, Canada or I will be happy to visit you.


From my heart only Love,

Camellia Val

Drunvalo My Teacher for Awakening The Heart
Chicheniza Healing Orb
Shamanic Dream with Kucho
Cute Travelling Companion
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