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Find The Healer Within...


Workshop to inspire and empower your ability to heal!


This is a hands-on course that will give you practical tools on how to heal yourself and your loved ones using your hands and endless universal energy.

It is suitable for medical and naturopathic practitioners, chiropractors, and anyone who has a healing practice already or just for your well-being!


Our hands can do so much more than we give them credit for. The human touch is at the core of many healing traditions from all over the world. In our modern world we have forgotten the healing power of our hands.


The Quantum physics has shown that everything in the Universe, including all forms of matter, music, thoughts even feelings are comprised of energy.

In these two days you will learn how to tune into the subtleties of this energy, how to harness it for healing.


During Camellia’s own healing she practiced different healing modalities on herself - Dahn Energy Healing, Reiki, Bowen Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Qi Gong, Thi Chi and Yoga. She was able to experience how Soul, Mind and Body are responding to each modality. This led her to understand that healing is a process that actively involves the whole being of the person. Real true healing takes time and everyday loving dedication of breaking the old unhealthy patterns and creating new ones on a mind, soul and body level.

After working with hundreds of clients, Camellia intuitively developed a technique -  Divine Light Healing. During a session, strong transmission of Divine Light is received, bringing intimate connection with the truth from deep within.

Day By Day

Day By Day Highlights

Day 1


 Principles of Energy.

 Healing Hands Training.

 Reading through the energy sensation.

 Responding to the energy sensation.

 Self-Purification Healing.

 Basic Self-Healing.

 Opening Chest Stress Release Technique.


 Day 2 


♥ Intestine healing.

♥ Sacral breathing.

♥ Chakra balancing technique.

♥ Egyptian Qi Gong Healing Postures.

♥ How to organize, structure a Healing Session.

♥ Life as a Healer – practice, purification.

All the techniques are practiced on yourself and shared.


Handouts included with all the topics covered.

Workshop Gallery

Find The Healer Within, Bulgaria
Self Chakra balancing
Open to new knowledge
We are all one!
Sharing, Hugs In Love Peace Harmony
"Reading" the energy sensations
Find The Healer Within, Ontario
Dancing like nobody is watching
You are another me
In meditation
Joy, happines are our essence.

Registration Process

Register with me, your teacher via Email


* To obtain more information prior to signing up for the workshop, please email or contact me directly.

* If at the moment you are experiencing financial challenges, but you are strongly called to do this work, please contact me to discuss a payment instalment or find other possibilities.



 If you get a chance to take the "Finding the Healer Within" class, I would strongly recommend it. It is loaded with valuable information and very doable exercises to help keep you and those you care about healthy and vibrant. Camellia was excellent at teaching as she provided easy to follow material in a relaxed and soothing atmosphere where questions were encouraged and answers were easily understood. I have taken many notes which I can refer back to at any time.

Thank you, Camellia, for your continued dedication and commitment to sharing your wisdom!

Sandra xoxo

Sandra Antidormi

May 28th, 2017

 Camellia did a wonderful job presenting this material. She was knowledgable and patient in answering our many questions. As the class progressed I came to better understand her amazing disposition and outlook on life. She clearly has used the information she has learned to benefit all who meet her. As well, I now have an interest in pursuing more courses in this area. I would highly recommend her.

Linda Angove

May 12th, 2017

Camellia is the most adorable, fun and loving teacher, with the patience and compassion of an angel. That being said she is very powerful and really knows how to hold space and make us feel safe and loved. She is the perfect teacher for these workshops. Her love is so pure and real I love her so much. I highly highly suggest her. <3 ? I love you forever! :)

Cristian Reyes

Nov 10, 2015

 A very empowering and tender workshop! The content joined many dots for me and confirmed many ideas and feelings. It was a deep experience to feel connected to the group within a space of loving kindness. A joy to behold. The experience has provided a greater courage to be in my joy more firmly this year...To have greater belief in the power of our love/light without losing hope in the face of darkness ..and that this gentle yet strong power of unity and kindness can indeed move mountains. Thanks Camellia for your support and love throughout! :) Namaste <3 

Sophie Crawley

Jun 14th, 2017

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