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Galactic Journeys 


If your sense of wonder is beyond the physicality, during the time of Galactic Journeys you will remember why and from where your Soul and Spirit came to planet Earth. What role does it play duality and Love in the evolution of consciousness, 

We will prepare the etheric body, harmonizing the geometrical field of MerKaBa to travel to the Stars from where we come on Earth. Some of you may find their Star home.


As we begin to understand who we are, our being feels excited to know more. It is a creative excitement to remember past experience and knowledge. This is a joyful process of constantly rising our frequency!

Galactic Journeys was inspired from the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek, my beloved teacher, Matias De Stefano and Brian Grattan. Also I incorporated my twenty years of experience of looking for my star origins and the Truth of All Creation.

The workshop was created to give more opportunities to reconnect to our multidimensional nature involving the wisdom hidden in our three bodies - Mental  (Spiritual), Emotional ( Soul) and Physical. In each day we will have these three aspects of us involved in the practices. Gradually we will build the vibrations allowing us to access our multidimensionality.

 ✨ 🔯  ✨  We will open the space with Ceremony and after talk about the Seven Laws of the Universe and how they are represented in us. With simple physical exercises we will feel them and with meditations we will harmonize them.

 ✨  🔯  ✨  We will continue with discussions about Mahatma Energy, Monads and the 12 Rays of Consciousness (one of them is the well-known Violet Flame). Using the Star Tetrahedron around the body and the Rays with meditations we will continue rising and harmonizing our energy. This is a beautiful practice as can open the doors to empower sides of your personality, that may feel weak at the moment. Here you will remember your Merkaba field of Light and how is used for traveling between realities. Meditation reaching the frequency of Christ Consciousness Grid.

 ✨ 🔯  ✨  last day we will dive into our multidimensional selves, first understanding dimensions and realities. Discussions about our Pleiades sisters and brothers and what role they play in development of humanity. Orion Castellation, the biggest portal in our Galaxy and why we ned to prepare for the moment when becomes open.

Meditating and connecting to the beings from Pleiades and Sirius.

 ✨ 🔯  ✨  Closing Ceremony, honouring all the support we received from Guides, Masters and all the beings of Light.

The topics through our journey: 

- The seven laws of the Universe and how we relate to them.

- What is Merkaba - the body of Light.
- How to use it for multidimensional adventure.

- What is Mahatma Light Energy.

- Etheric body cleanse using Mahatma.

- DNA activation using the 12 Rays of Consciousness.
- Elevating the consciousness to Christ Consciousness Grid.
- Meditations with entering the layers of Pleiades and Orion.

💜  I will be very happy to be with you in this special moments of remembering your Star Seed origin! 💜 


Let the Light and Love be with you forever!

Day By Day

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Registration Process

For next available dates and locations of Galactic Journeys click here

Please register with me, your teacher via Email


* To obtain more information prior to signing up for the workshop, please email or contact me directly.

* If at the moment you are experiencing financial challenges, but you are strongly called to do this work, please contact me to discuss a payment instalment or find other possibilities.



Thank you Camellia for a lovely 4 days. I am very disappointed that it was just 4 days. I felt so much in love and warm that I wish we could stay in that state forever. Lots of love from the bottom, top, sacred, tiny well...whole of my heart!

Ayda Alp

Jul 26, 2015

Thank you so much my dear loving Camellia, for this truly extraordinary experience. Your amazing blend of careful guidance, kind patience, and a very huge heart made me feel safe and loved while making the workshop easy to follow and very enjoyable. You infused nurturing love the entire time and held the loving space that was needed for us. I felt your intuition guiding us through each step of the way so that we would feel the full spectrum of this experience to be able to live through the heart. You also held space for a unified love among all of us. My classmates were AMAZING!!! And I love them all. With LOVE, GRATITUDE & BLESSINGS, Sandra xoxo

Sandra Antidormi

Jan 25, 2016

Camellia is the most adorable, fun and loving teacher, with the patience and compassion of an angel. That being said she is very powerful and really knows how to hold space and make us feel safe and loved. She is the perfect teacher for these workshops. Her love is so pure and real I love her so much. I highly highly suggest her. <3 ? I love you forever! :)

Cristian Reyes

Nov 10, 2015

This was an amazing experience and it was mostly due to my teacher Camellia. She really lives and speaks from the heart which is perfect for such a workshop. She made the experience so powerful and amazing. She was able to explain and demonstrate everything with ease and she answered all our questions. I feel so blessed to have had her as my ATIH teacher and I would recommend her to everyone wanting to attend a ATIH Workshop. The experience was awesome and life changing. Thank you so much Camellia :) Namaste <3 

Ahmic Marineau

Jul 14, 2015

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To read more impressions of this teacher and workshop, please visit Camellia's page on Drunvalo Melchizedek's School of Remembering or click here for video recordings of Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop impressions.

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