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Healing Sessions

Every illness has three components - physical, emotional and mental.

In order to completely heal, we must address these three parts. Wherever you are on your healing journey, I can meet you there, suggesting the healing modality that will resonate with you most at that moment: 


♥ Bowen Therapy - addressing mainly physical component of the ilness.

♥ Divine Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Reiki - resolving emotional trauma.

♥ Spiritual Counselling – guiding you through mental belief patterns and way of viewing life.

Divine Light Healing

During the session, I am working with the Higher Realms of the Divine Source, reconnecting you with that Source. The Shaman in me will guide the process of what needs to be done. The sound of my voice, drums, and singing balls will take you far back to find the traumatic cause hidden deep in the past. It will be presented clearly to you, and your Guardian Angels will assist in this releasing transformation. You will reconnect to your pure essence, to find your inner wisdom, strength and above all - your Loving nature.

Sessions via the net available

Chakra Balancing

Life is all about balance, not too much, not too little, and the energy should freely flow. The chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through. Blocked energy in our seven chakras can often lead to illness. When your chakras are open, the energy flows effortlessly, because your entire system – body, mind and soul are united. I use simple and powerful energetic techniques to open and balance your chakras, which will deepen your sleep, bring positive energy, and make you feel truly alive.

Sessions via the net avalable


Reiki is a form of energy healing using "universal life energy" channelled through the practitioner to the recipient. Hands are lightly touching the body with intention to create deep relaxation, reduce pain, and allow the body's own natural healing ability to take place. The universal life energy is gently opening the “blocks” in the body and is restoring the healthy flow throughout. Any age and health condition can benefit from Reiki.The treatment feels like wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki harmonizes body, mind and spirit, creating a feeling of peace, security and deep connection within.  

Sessions via the net available

Spiritual/Shamanic Weddings

I offer wedding ceremonies that are customized for each couple to reflect their beliefs and spirituality. I invoke the spirits of Divine Mother and Father to be present, to witness and bless this special sacred union! The main concept of the Ceremony is based on the understanding that marriage is a very spiritual partnership in which the feminine and masculine energies are uniting together through Love to create one Spirit. Some of the rituals include – Creation of the Sacred Circle, Purification with Smudging and Spraying of Flowered water, Blessings of the Rings, Rose Ceremony, Handfasting, and more depending on your wishes.

Bowen Therapy

If you are struggling with physical pain, your body is indicating to you that it needs help. Bowen Therapy is known as the gentlest form of natural healing and will provide fast and effective relief. The treatment involves light movements, applied at very specific points on the body with pauses between each series of moves. In this way, muscle tension is released and balanced. The Meridian energy flow becomes unblocked and open. The nervous system goes into parasympathetic mode (”rest and digest”), stimulating the body to heal itself. After just a few minutes a deep and relaxing effect is felt, throughout the whole body.  

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Bowen Therapy
Divine Energy Healing
Chakra Balancing
Spiritual/Shamanic Wedding

Bowen Therapy

People often wonder how such gentle moves can have such a powerful effect – not only relieving the pain, but correcting posture, resolving structural problems, and calming mental and emotional states. Bowen Therapy is a different way to find the underlying causes of any disease. The physical, emotional and mental body are approached at the same time and deep healing can occur on all levels.


Key words for Bowen Therapy:

Safe - It has been successfully used on all age groups, from new born babies to the very elderly.

Deeply relaxing – allowing natural healing to take place.

Gentle - no manipulative forces or pressures are being used.

Fast - results are usually experienced in just a couple of sessions.


Benefits of the treatment:

Bowen Therapy is very effective at relieving pain and discomfort across a wide range of conditions by improving:

  • Physical, emotional and mental stress levels

  • Joint mobility

  • Circulatory systems – blood and lymphatic

  • Assimilation of nutrients

  • Elimination of toxins and waste products.


Conditions that can be treated with Bowen Therapy:

Pain of all types                              Back/neck discomfort

Sciatica                                            TMJ problems

Fibromyalgia                                   Sports injuries

Migraines                                         Frozen shoulder

Tennis elbow                                   Scoliosis

Asthma                                             Arthritis

Knee/Ankle problems                   Muscle pain

Plantar fasciitis                                Depression

Post-surgery recovery                   Insomnia

Stress                                                ADHD, ADD

and more…

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